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CCL7: Veer Marathi Kits and Logos 2017

Watch Veer Marathi Official team Kits and Logos 2017. The most watchable cricket event of India CCL 2017 is once again ready to spread colors of fun, thrill and entertain along with passion, aggression and motivation displayed by the nine opponents teams during each clash of this event.


Veer Marathi after missing their appearance in last edition of this tournament have finally confirmed their participation for current edition and recently the management of this franchise have also launched their official kits and logos for CCL 2017.

Veer Marathi one of the team with highest numbers of fan following in this event due to their management problems did not able to participate in last event and now the officials of this team have ensure their appearance in upcoming cricket event.

The official logo of Veer Marathi team is very beautiful as two colors are used for the designing of kits of this team whereas the logo of counter side shows the aggressive motives of this team and fans of Marathi stars shows too much interest and liking towards the new uniform of their franchise.

Veer Marathi Official Kits and Logos 2017


Veer Marathi kits is manufactured with combination of two colors as silver and white color is used in the uniform of this team. The color mixture looks very attractive and pretty whereas shades of different other colors are also highlighted in shirts and trousers of this team.

On the left side of the shirt the logo of Veer Marathi are designed whereas on the right side of the shirt the name of cricket event along with the names of sponsors are placed by the designers of Veer Marathi for CCL 2017.

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