Rana Naveed ul Hasan opens cricket academy

Karachi: Pakistan’s fast bowler Rana Naveed-ul-Hasan’s lifelong dream has finally turned into reality. The Pakistani bowler has launched a cricket academy in his hometown of Sheikhupura in Pakistan.

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Being an active member of the Pakistani domestic cricket for over 17 years now, Hasan is aware of all aspects of the game in his country and knows the difficulties faced by young aspiring players. So He always wanted to build an institution where young and raw talent can nurtured without any discrimination. Though a large number of youngsters play cricket yet only the financially sound ones are able to make it into any of the academies, local cricket clubs or first class cricket.

Hasan remarked “The situation of boys being invited to and given places in an academy based on contracts and wealth was one that I wanted to address. It happens too often that a boy from a wealthy family will get selected for a place at an academy ahead of a boy who is a better cricketer but comes from a poor family. I’ve been there, I know the system, I know the difficulties I faced and I know what sacrifices my family had to make for me to get into cricket.”

According to Hasan, his academy will be a place where talent, not financial background, will be admired. He added “I want all of the cricketing talent of Sheikhupura to be given a chance at my academy, irrespective of which family they are from and how wealth they are. My academy is open to all those boys who want to learn the game and improve their cricket and then go on to hopefully play first class cricket and above”.

Updated: September 19, 2014 — 1:39 PM

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