Chris Gayle Batting Highlights – Gayle 89 Runs vs Mumbai Indians 27 May 2011 in 2nd Qualifying Final

Watch Gayle Batting 89 runs off 47 balls Video Highlights vs Mumbai Indians

Chris Gayle 89 runs vs MI in 2nd Qualifying Final match IPL 2011 on 27th May. Gayle 9 Fours and 5 Sixes highlights. 27 /5/2011 Chris Gayle batting score / highlights / videos / commentary / updates.

Toss: Tendulkar wins the toss and Mumbai will bowl first

Tendulkar: “Typical Chennai wicket, hard and the ball should come on to the bat. We have been able to get a couple of close victories, pressure brings the best out of you. Suman and Kulkarni are out, Nechim and Sathish are in.”

Vettori: “We have been playing good cricket throughout the tournament. We have one change, Syed Mohammad is in for Kaif.”

Chris Gayle powered the Royal Challengers Bangalore batting line up with great smashing start. He made 89 runs in just 47 balls to help RCB put a handsome total on the board.

Chris Gayle 89 Runs Ball by ball updates:

0.1 Ahmed to Gayle, no run, nicely bowled, zipping across the left-hander who is a bit tentative and has a poke at it from the crease
0.2 Ahmed to Gayle, FOUR, no luck for the bowler, produces the outside edge as Gayle is pegged on the crease and pushes at one leaving him outside off, ball flies past slip
0.3 Ahmed to Gayle, FOUR, right through Sachin at mid off, Gayle had made room outside leg and thwacked a fuller one, it flew on the bounce to Sachin and went through him
0.4 Ahmed to Gayle, 5 wides, more runs for Bangalore, this is not a good start for Mumbai, banged in really short and flies over the keeper, he had no chance
0.4 Ahmed to Gayle, SIX, carnage, Nechim is leaking runs, Gayle takes a step outside leg, gets under a full ball and hammers it over the sightscreen
0.5 Ahmed to Gayle, 2 runs, it’s all happening, Gayle was eyeing the deep midwicket boundary, but did not get the connection with enough meat to take it over the boundary, in fact it was almost a catch as Pollard came running to his right, the ball bounced close to his toes, he overran it, the ball almost trickled over the ropes before he dived to stop it from rolling over
0.6 Ahmed to Gayle, FOUR, another one, Mumbai, take cover, Gayle again makes room outside leg, this is again in his slot, full and close enough to be bashed over mid on with that monstrous swing, that is the most expensive opening over in the IPL
Royal Challengers Bangalore 27/0   CH Gayle 20* (6b 3×4 1×6)
2.1 Malinga to Gayle, FOUR, very low full toss as he misses the yorker by inches, Gayle reaches out to just push it and the ball flies past covers, don’t move, don’t run
2.2 Malinga to Gayle, no run, slower one, rolls his fingers over the ball, Gayle had set himself up to again go through the off side, saw it coming slowly outside off and decided to rein himself in
2.3 Malinga to Gayle, FOUR, more runs, Malinga strays on to the pads off a length, Gayle is waiting, thank you very much, as he gets the faint tickle to the fine leg boundary
2.4 Malinga to Gayle, no run, Gayle does not go hard at this one, gives respect to a length ball homing in for middle, goes back and plays it out to covers
2.5 Malinga to Gayle, 1 run, goes for the slower yorker, but it is outside off stump, just outside off stump, Gayle squeezes it wide of backward point
Royal Challengers Bangalore 45/0   CH Gayle 29* (11b 5×4 1×6)
3.6 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, no run, Gayle plays out this ball, sensibly done, no risks, goes back and calmly pushes to extra cover
Royal Challengers Bangalore 57/0   CH Gayle 29* (12b 5×4 1×6)
4.3 Patel to Gayle, FOUR, clobber! on a friendly length is Munaf, trying to angles it across Gayle, who cranks himself up for the big swipe and uncoils to swing it disdainfully in the gap between mid on and midwicket
4.4 Patel to Gayle, FOUR, almost got through him, Gayle had made lots of room outside leg, Munaf targetted the blockhole, but Gayle managed to get some bat on it and the ball scooted past short fine leg
4.5 Patel to Gayle, 1 run, follows him this time with a fuller ball outside leg stump, he forces it down to long on
Royal Challengers Bangalore 67/0   CH Gayle 38* (15b 7×4 1×6)
5.1 Malinga to Gayle, no run, they can afford to do this now, not go after every ball that is, Gayle sees this slower one on his pads and adjusts to play it out on the leg side
5.2 Malinga to Gayle, no run, pushes forward to guide a length ball towards point
5.3 Malinga to Gayle, no run, three dot balls in a row, lunges out to push a slower one to covers, can Malinga get the breakthrough this over?
5.4 Malinga to Gayle, 1 run, no, he has reined himself in again, shuffles to one on the pads and gets off strike with a nudge to square leg
Royal Challengers Bangalore 68/0   CH Gayle 39* (19b 7×4 1×6)
6.1 Patel to Gayle, 1 run, smacked off the front foot but there is a man at long off in place
6.3 Patel to Gayle, FOUR, smoked! Munaf tries to go wider outside off with the fuller line, Gayle is waiting, out goes the front foot, a bit out of the way of the huge swing of the bat, and the ball flies flat over extra cover
6.4 Patel to Gayle, no run, got away this time, walks out to take it on the full but eases it straight to point
6.5 Patel to Gayle, 1 run, well bowled Munaf, the near-yorker on middle, Gayle is shuffling across and had to get bat in between his legs to dig it out, got in to a huge tangle but no harm done
Royal Challengers Bangalore 75/0   CH Gayle 45* (23b 8×4 1×6)
7.5 Sharma to Gayle, 1 run, tucked away off the pads in front of square leg
Royal Challengers Bangalore 88/0   CH Gayle 46* (24b 8×4 1×6)
8.1 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, gentle short of a length ball that Gayle tucks away towards Malinga backward of square leg, Gayle is some way out of his ground but Lasith does not throw, hmm
8.3 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, goes shorter to Gayle, it is getting big on him, and he works it off one leg through square leg
8.5 Pollard to Gayle, 1 wide, as if all those runs weren’t enough this time Pollard floats one wide down the leg side
8.5 Pollard to Gayle, FOUR, crunch! don’t bother to run, don’t bother to field, Gayle was prepared for the short of a length ball, shuffles across, gets on top of it and kills it through midwicket, the men in the deep watch it crash in to the boundary, brings up his 50 as well
8.6 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, keeps strike with a neat push for a single towards extra cover
Royal Challengers Bangalore 100/0   CH Gayle 53* (28b 9×4 1×6)
9.1 Ahmed to Gayle, 1 run, lunges to the pitch of a wide one outside off to carve it past extra cover, long off gets across to it
9.3 Ahmed to Gayle, no run, Gayle is beaten, well, well, surprises galore today, makes room outside leg and haves a go to a ball that is slanted very wide of him outside off
9.4 Ahmed to Gayle, 1 run, has Gayle reaching out again to a wide ball outside off, he gets it away towards point
9.6 Ahmed to Gayle, SIX, feel for the sightscreen, it is taking a fearsome pounding, Gayle gets front leg out of the way, and murders a full ball over the bowler, it is hit so hard it wobbles erratically in the air before smashing in to the sightscreen
Royal Challengers Bangalore 111/0   CH Gayle 61* (32b 9×4 2×6)
10.2 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, Gayle opens the stance and stands like a fearsome warrior outside off, but guess what, he just guides the full toss towards point, never ceases to surprise, the big man
10.5 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, clipped off his toes through midwicket
Royal Challengers Bangalore 114/1   CH Gayle 63* (34b 9×4 2×6)
11.1 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, 1 run, gets forward to a tossed up ball and pushes with the turn towards covers
11.3 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, 1 run, another shortish ball, he punches it hard off the back foot wide of long off
11.5 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, no run, lovely ball and Gayle is beaten comprehensively, draws him forward with the flight and gets it to turn just past the outside edge as he pushes at it, no luck for Mumbai as well
11.6 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, 1 run, forced off the back foot down the ground to long on
Royal Challengers Bangalore 119/1   CH Gayle 66* (38b 9×4 2×6)
12.1 Pollard to Gayle, 2 runs, misfield at backward square leg, the man got across from short fine leg but the ball burst through his hands as he dived to his right, it had been nudged off the pads by Gayle
12.2 Pollard to Gayle, no run, if he had hit that one, that would have been it for that ball, Gayle went back on one leg and tried to wallop it over the bowler;s head, could not connect
12.3 Pollard to Gayle, 1 wide, digs it short and wide down the leg side
12.3 Pollard to Gayle, 1 run, creamed, the low full toss flies down the track and crashes in to the stumps at the non-striker;s
12.6 Pollard to Gayle, SIX, more damage, Mumbai continue to leak runs, full toss and Gayle shuffles and explodes in to a huge swing of the arms to send it soaring over long off
Royal Challengers Bangalore 130/1   CH Gayle 75* (42b 9×4 3×6)
13.2 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, SIX, whew, the hammering continues, it was short and came off so slowly that Gayle had all the time available to rock back, ponder what to do and then pull it over deep midwicket, see ya ‘gain
13.3 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, SIX, another one, flatter but again short, Harbhajan is just not hitting the right length, Gayle goes finer this time, pulling it flat over deep midwicket
13.4 Harbhajan Singh to Gayle, 1 run, goes hard again, but this time, Harbhajan gets it much fuller, and Gayle hits it hard in to the ground
Royal Challengers Bangalore 144/1   CH Gayle 88* (45b 9×4 5×6)
14.2 Patel to Gayle, 1 run, digs out a very full ball wide of extra cover for a single
14.4 Patel to Gayle, OUT, he is gone! it seemed to be another of those monster sixes off a full ball, but in the end he got more height on it than anything else, Franklin kept running to his left at long on, while everyone else was resigned to the possibility of it being six more, he got around to it in the end and took the ball inches from the rope
CH Gayle c Franklin b Patel 89 (47b 9×4 5×6) SR: 189.36
Royal Challengers Bangalore 148/2   CH Gayle 89 (47b 9×4 5×6)

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