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CCL 7: Karnataka Bulldozers Theme Song 2017

Watch Karnataka Bulldozers Official Theme Song 2017. The organizers of Celebrity Cricket League have revealed the final dates for the inauguration of 7th season of CCL and this time total nines cricket franchises are selected for the battle of Championship in CCL 2017.

Karnataka Bulldozers the most hardcore cricket team of this glamorous event have also confirmed their participation in current edition of CCL and this cricket club have also launched their superb theme song for CCL 2017.

The official theme song of Karnataka Bulldozers is very aspiring and motivation as from start to the end of this song each word just boost the stamina and energy of its listeners and no doubt this song is best ever song released by Bulldozers throughout this cricketing event.

Karnataka Bulldozers theme song is sung Kannada Language which is native language of Karnataka state and two famous singers Kunal and Sono Nigham have raise the magic of their voices in the theme song of Karnataka Bulldozers.

Karnataka Bulldozers Theme Song 2017

The theme song of Karnataka Bulldozers is full of aspiration and no doubt this song not only boosts up the morals of team squad of Bulldozers but also motivate their lovers to support their team in Celebrity Cricket League.

After launching the theme song of Karnataka Bulldozers both singers seemed really happy for their support towards Karnataka Bulldozers and prays for the best performance for this team in Celebrity Cricket League 2017.

Karnataka Bulldozers have also performed well in recent edition of this cricket event but unfortunately eliminated from semifinal rounds but this time counter side is hopeful to retard back stronger and gain the title of Champions of CCL 2017.

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