Pakistan vs Ireland 1st ODI Updates – Toss Report 28-5-2011

Pakistan vs Ireland 1st One day updates. Pakistan vs Ireland match is delayed due to rain. every moment updates is updated below. so enjoy Pakistan vs Ireland Odi 1 on 28/5/2011 toss report and every ball updates here.

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Pakistan vs Ireland 1st ODI Live here

Pakistan – Misbah-ul-Haq*, Asad Shafiq, Junaid Khan, Mohammad Hafeez, Mohammad Salman†, Saeed Ajmal, Tanvir Ahmed, Taufeeq Umar, Umar Akmal, Umar Gul, Younis Khan.

Ireland – PR Stirling, AR Cusack, DT Johnston, NG Jones, EC Joyce, JF Mooney, KJ O’Brien, WB Rankin, WTS Porterfield*, AR White, GC Wilson†.

13:51 The game will now start at 14:00 and we are down to 38 overs per side (if it does not rain again in-between and that’s a big IF)

13:46 For the record, it has stopped raining and they are taking off some of the covers. The crowd seems to be in very good spirits. Its about half and half in support. The sun has started coming through so hopefully we can get play started soon.

“Its probably gonna start raining again just as the players take the field” Hasan Manzoor with a peach of a jinx

13:33 And it has started to drizzle again! We were just minutes away from the start with the umpires in the middle and the batsmen half way through… They are bringing in the light covers

The players have gone back to the safety of the dressing rooms, the umpires are still out there.

TossPakistan have won the toss and elected to field first.

13.16 Let’s try again – It has stopped raining and for the first time today we have bright sunshine. Toss will take place soon with the game starting at 13:35. 2 more overs have been lost, so it’s going to 41 overs per side.

12:44 Well, well, well… Should I type it out or is it understood?! We have been hit by another passing shower, the ground staff did wait for sometime before they got the covers back in, hoping that it will blow away but…

No toss yet and from here on we will lose one over every 4 minutes or so – 43,42…

12:36 Latest news from the middle is that they will toss at 12.40 pm and the match will start at 13:00 with the game now being reduced to 43 overs per side.

The wind has picked up again and there are more than a few dark clouds around so lets keep hoping.

12:11 The heavy rollers are out on the covers and it looks like the groundstaff are about to go out and start pulling in the covers.

11:55 It has stopped raining and the players are back out warming up. Pakistan players playing football and the Irish players Rugby. You never know, we might actually get to see them play some cricket as well.

The covers have not been touched, can’t blame them for that.

11:21am It’s stopped raining and a couple of the Pakistan players are out warming up. There is blue sky in the distance so hopefully it will start coming this way. The umpires are out having a look although there is not much action on the field.

Oh no! It has started raining again.

I guess by now you have got an idea of how things are playing out here, so I will let the “Irish” nature take its course and return bit later when there is something solid to report.

11:13 am It’s back to square one. Umbrellas have just started going up again in the crowd, the wind is quite strong and the covers are going back on…Welcome to our summer

11:00 We are hearing that the umpires will inspect the ground in another 10 minutes.

10:45 Good news folks! It has stopped raining, the covers are still on though but the dark clouds have moved away and it’s getting brighter as I type.

Ireland players have just come back onto the field to start their warm-up

10:30 am It continues to drizzle as we get close to the 10:45 start time, thankfully the dark clouds are slowly drifting away – we will keep you posted as things move along.

Is there a telecast for this match? If yes, Which Channel is it on? ask Shafayat Alam like many others who have mailed in so far looking for the same information…. As far as we know this series will not be on TV. I can confirm that there are no cameras around so that is pretty much it.

10:19 am Bad news im afraid. The rain has just started coming down heavier. The covers are now fully on and it looks like we might not start on time today.

10:10 am The Umpires are having a look around, the bowler’s run-ups are still covered but the rest of the covers have come off, hopefully we will have the toss on time.

10.00 am The biggest question mark of the day will be the weather, there is a slight drizzle around and the covers are on at the moment. By the way I am Justin Smyth, your commentator for the day and my fingers are crossed.

Updated: May 28, 2011 — 1:01 PM


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