India vs Pakistan Semi Final Astrological Predictions – Who Will Win ? Vote for Your Winner

India vs Pakistan Semi Final Astrological / Numerological Predictions

Here is the Pakistan vs India Numerological and astrology predictions on the basis of horoscopes and Astrologers in order to answer the question of who will win Pakistan vs India Semi Final of World Cup 2011 at Mohali.

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Cricinfo declared this event as “Mother of All Finals”. And Winner of the world cup will probably be decided in Mohali not in Colombo. But Sri Lanka’s most comprehensive win in big match against England have awaken many predictors.

So who will win the mother of all finals. This is a question that close to 1.5 billion people in the subcontinent will be pondering. So here is our detailed Numerological Prediction chart.

  • Toss Prediction of 2nd Semi Final: Pakistan will win the toss – 55% | India win the toss – 45%
  • First batting: – 60% chance that Pakistan will bat first – 40% for India
  • Match  Winner: Chances of Pakistan win are 55% and 45% winning chances are there for India

BUT this is only an old sacred person prediction (Who has made 99% right predictions in this world cup 2011) wrote us our spectator in United Kingdom which may be wrong.

Probability of Key Performances by India Players:

  • Sachin Tendulkar: 60%, He may hit his one 100th ton by the blessing of Lucky number 7 which stands for fortune planet Neptune. Sachin Tendulkar will be the key player will decide who will win India vs Pakistan Semi Final 2011?
  • Virender Sehwag:  55%, he will score 50+ runs by the strong impact of his spirit no 5 which stands for fortune planet Mercury, but he should avoid hitting out-going balls and keeping cool on the crease.
  • Gambhir: 55 % chance he will play under his part. His spirit no 4 stands for mysterious planet Uranus, he also may hit his fifty, but he becomes very vulnerable in tight situations and did blunder, as it was seen at Motera,when he was needed much, he ran himself out. That put India under tremendous pressure and Dhoni lost his wicket for seeking runs. He should not be allowed to repeat this at Mohali against Pakistan.
  • Virat Kohli:  40 %, he also playing under spirit no 4 stands for Uranus, advised to adopt patience.
  • Yuvraj Singh:  75 %, acts under influence of his magic no-1, standing for Sun God famous for name and power. He is demonstrating his all-round ability in world cup 2011. He may score fifty + at Mohali.
  • M S Dhoni:  30%, although his spirit no is 9 which stands for fighting and strength, he is not cashing it in the game. He should try to improve his game against Pakistan.
  • Suresh Raina:  50%, his lucky no is 7 stands for planet Neptune; he will do his best against Pakistan as he did at ‘Motera’.
  • Zaheer Khan: 70 %, his spirit no 7 stands for fortunate planet Neptune means grand success. He will be able to strike against key players of Pakistan.
  • Harbhajan:  40 %, his spirit no 3 belongs to very strong planet Jupiter- Mahaan may do nice job on 30th March.
  • R Ashwin: 55%, his magic no 7 standing for planet Neptune. He may repeat his magic at Mohali.

Probability  of Key Performances by Pakistani Players:

  • Shahid Afridi:  65%, his spirit no 6 stands for love Goddess-Venus very magnetic effects upon opponents, he may claim 2-3 wickets and good score at Mohali. Afridi’s earlier record at Mohali has been tremendous.
  • Mohd Hafeez: 40%, his spirit no  2 is related with the Moon which means uncertainties, but sometimes he becomes very dangerous.
  • Kamran Akmal: 60 %, he is also under the influence of the magic no 6 put hiptomistic effects on others he will do fine work on 30th March 2011.
  • Umar Akmal: 60 %, his spirit no 1 stands for planet Sun – may hit fifty+ runs.
  • Younis Khan: 35 %, his spirit no 2 stands for the Moon – he may score some runs due to impact of super Moon but very uncertain fate.
  • Umar Gul: 70 %, his spirit no 3 stands for great planet Jupiter most fortunate for its object. He may be trouble maker for Indian batting lineup.
  • Abdul Razzaq: 45%, he also represents no 3 and planet Jupiter becomes very dangerous to opponents. However, he may be victim of Sachin and Yuvraj’s hard-hitting.
  • Ajmal Saeed: 35 %, his spirit no 3 standing for planet Jupiter may take 2 Indian wickets.

Other points of interest

  • The combination of Sachin-7, Raina-7, Zaheer-7 Ashwin-7 makes it  7×4. The most fortunate luck combination.
  • Sehwag would be key batsman on Wednesday because his Magic 5 is much favorable for match day.
  • On the other hands Umar Gul, Abdul Razzaq and Ajmal all three are under most lucky planet Jupiter. Hence the bowling power of Pakistan may hurt India deeply.
  • However  by the blessings of Sun, Uranus, Neptue and Mercury Pakistan will beat India and the Grand final of ICC World Cup 2011 would be between two friendly opposition countries Sri-lanka vs Pakistan at Mumbai on 2nd April 2011.

So that is what Astrology says Or what the horoscopes described. What do you think? Leave a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: TvChaska.Net holds no responsibility of correctness / truthfulness of this Prediction as This is not written / predicted by TvChaska.Net officially.

Updated: March 30, 2011 — 12:00 AM


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  1. dushman mare hushy na kariye sajna v mar is for both pakistani and please take it easy.and pray for them

  2. for sayed,
    definatly India love money , but on true & good way …….., not like pakistanee recent fixers

  3. It’s not a prediction. No body can make one. But it seems Pakistan would bat first and make a good score. Then when bowling, Pakistan would be able to take early decisive wickets insha Allah only by the grace and will of Allah say 2 wickets in first over. Then after 5-6 over another one and then in regular intervals.

    India would not be able to chase insha Allah and would lose with a conspicuous margin.

    Insha Allah Pakistan would win not because of its game or players but because Allah wants Pakistan to win since RAW, MOSAD and MI6 have been trying to blow up Cricket in Pakistan but Allah has turned down all of their efforts since Allah is the Best of the Planners.

    Spot fixing videos, Sri Lankan Team attacks and media war: Agencies are involved. Pakistani ISI is also involved but above All..this time Allah Himself is involved and guess what this time – like all of the times – He is favoring Pakistan.

    So, in advance, We Pakistanis thank Allah for conferring upon us a great win in Mohali against India.

    Insha Allah. Allah Ho Akbar.

  4. Hai cricket lovers,
    Today not a doubt to winner of the game.
    Anilkumar (kerala)

  5. farukh tu musalman hu ke hunduyo ka sath de ga , chor mjhe yeh umeed nae thi ke pakistan mein muslamanu ke bahees mein hindu rehte h,

  6. Inshah Allah India will win this semi final.
    Our City Kazi predicts 100% true and he told that india will win.
    Allah ho akbar

  7. I am sure that surely pakistan will loose badly agaist india and i can also predict the same. Sure India are the World Cup Winners of 2011. This is a written fate that can never be changed. One more thing is that India will shows their country spirit in beating pakistan. This is dam sure. Please watch the match and decide Boss. The prediction made by the Astrologer shows he is at the side of Pak. This is be blasted tomorrow.

  8. ary ye pandit ka kaam nahi hai….india aur australi ka quater final match me ye bola tha ki india harega….saley ko lath maar ke bhagana chahiye……..

  9. Most Indians never eat meat. That is why, they will never have required leg energy to have good pace bowlers. In result, India will be always underdog team compare to Pakistan, specially in bowling.
    Big game like this, India has no chance. I heard they already trying to fix this match. At least they can make some money. Indians always love money.

    1. F*ck u a**hole ….just to inform u Indian never runs for money …its u pakistani….u always cry for money and indulge in match fixing scandal…see the match today how India will beat pakistan…and show them the way pakistan…

  10. I too agree with Paki winning this match…Indian players will feel so much pressure with this hype and they don’t even play well…but lets hope to see the win with 45% prediction

  11. yesss Arpan,

    tum sahi bol rahe ho.
    PAK ke irade NAPAK hain
    AUr Hamara “BHARAT” Inko harayega
    aur dikhayega ki ALLAH/god/Bhagwan
    Acchaiyo ka hi sathj deta hain.

  12. With the grace of allah Pakistan will win, they deserve it. Pakistani team has sacrificed many things, they faced alot troubles in past. So, india will have to wait next four years for the world cup

  13. with the blessings of God Pakistan will win not only this match but also world cup.because all the nation is with Pakistani team.Pakistan zindabad.

  14. Well said Khan. Let’s just njoy the match on Wednesday. Hope it would be a good one.

    All the players are going to represent thier Nations, Let’s pray and wish all the best for the great Players.


  15. bhaiiooo Pak jeet sakta he ….. agar dil se or demaag se kile or apne Pak k liye… kele … other wise indian team me kafi old or kafi experince batsman he …. dua karo Pak k liye kuch b hosakta he….

  16. Lets take Pak-India match as as opportunity to show this world that we r more educated and civilized than indian crowed…… We know how to celebrate Victory and how to admit defeat……….. My prayers with Pakistan……… Inshallah Pak will win this game……………….

  17. inshallah with the blessing of god pakistan will win inshallah …but these odds are not very much true as the muslim we beleieve that allah is the master of universe and every thing is obey the order if the allah want the win of the pakistan they will win if not they will lose but allah says that every one who will try to get any thing will get as according to his i personaly beleive that if the india will try to play hard and good cricket they win otherwise pakistan win inshallah.

  18. This match will have some new records.

    1. Sachin will complete his 18K runs and 100 centries.
    2. Pakistan will against india first time in world cup.

  19. Pakistan will win Inshallah Now its time to see how much power in our nations prays,our prays will defeat the indians’ black magic

    1. Abe kargil me kya zhaat ka power dikhaya hai tum logo ne…

      You were the part of India…during sub division of India Pak your government got money from India….

      My BP is raising when you blame Indian’s


    1. Definitely we will win the match no matter how the condition will be. the only thing we Indians and the know is that the best team which is India is gonna win this match for sure. Let all the pakistanis and muslims shout as much as they can, any way their voice will lower down at the end of the march when India will not only defeat pakistan but will also win the world cup….

      Three cheers for India

    2. you blooddddyyyyy are so can’t afford this cost. are u in ur senses?????????

      ****PAKISTAN WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Well 1947, 4 + 7= 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
    war 1965 , 6 + 5= 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
    CWC 1992 , 9 + 2= 11 = 1 + 1 = 2
    CWC 2011 , 1 + 1= 2

    So by grace of Allah Pakistan will winner not only against India but Final as well….Insha-Allah

  21. No matter wot the end Result is … Winning nd loosing is a part of the game …. the thing iz that this match will go down in histry of international cricket as the most Tensed nd Presure absorbing match …. both teams should play their best cricket and let us just take it as a game nd not make it a political issue between 2 Cricket loving nations who same the same culture’s & traditions …. ltes just not fight over it Best of luck 4 both the teams … Love u all

  22. It is request to all the Muslims of the world and all the CHRIStIANS of the world(as they are Ahle KITAb)
    Please Pray for the SUCCESS of PAKISTAN
    Pakistan wil WIN.

  23. Char bar dhul chata chuke hei pakistan ko World Cup me.Iss bar itna marenge ki world cup ko pakistan sapne me bhi soch nehi sakega


  25. Only Allah knows who is the winner but, my feeling is PAK will win – Insha Allah. India’s hype about batting will collapse like deck of cards… India’s bowling is the WEAK LINK as the whole worls knows…

  26. I think stars just eloborate the probability… real things are players who have to perform in the field at judgement day.. So the side who will handle the pressure will win but i want to Pakistan to win this incredible match

  27. We r muslims and have the help of Allah Taala.indians wil hav to becom muslim to one has any right to say anything against Pakistan.people who talk about morality shud 1st look at their own selves.indians can never b frnz.they wil remain our enemy says:


  28. Hey guys dont get upset please reality is reality and world will see itself. Pakistan will be on the victory stand of ICC 2011 world cup not only this semi final, and more over a person here blaming the morality of Pakistani nation should be ashamed for himself first look inside our own country then talk for others dude. We are more corrupt nation then them and we are the one who are propagating against them in entire world to gain our false aims.

    1. It is request to all the Muslims of the world and all the CHRIStIANS of the world(as they are Ahle KITAb)
      Please Pray for the SUCCESS of PAKISTAN
      Pakistan wil WIN.

  29. Just wait and watch who is gonna win
    You can not predict that Pakistan will be the winner of
    Heart Breaking Semifinal Against India.Both have good chance for win.

  30. Performance wise ofcourse Pakistan leads
    the prays of Pakistani nation ofcourse lead the black majics of Indian nation.

  31. Guys, India is far, far a superior side than Pakistan & also This time its just not luck which will take them thru, Its their sheer performance. Well 2 more days, It will be time for Pakistan to make fresh allegation as to who sold himself.I blame their lack of Morality for they are being cursed by 90% of the people on the planet.

  32. i think tht both of our countries are very mature n crazy about cricket and all the people living there represents there country with full heart so all of u cricket loving people pray for ur team whoever wins just enjoy the game win or loose take it as a man……….

    1. Pakistan ko char bar dhul chata chuka hai india .is bar bhi same will be repeat.pakistan sapane bhi nehi soch sakeaga word cup ko

  33. Inshala, Pakistan will win, because God give Afridi all that qualities, Great Imran Khan had in 1992, to make pssible to win like this event.

  34. well……….India number is 1, Mohali number is 4, Pakistan number is 1………India this year number is 9 , 1+5+8+2+0+1+1=18=1+8=9.While Pakistan this year number is 8. since it has been noted that 8 number has been very favorable to Pakistan , since 8 started this year , the dirty fishes have gone and Pakistan is winning right from Newzeland series to world cup, since Mohali is 4, which is again half of 8, the 8 players are playing in this Pakistan team who played in T20 champion ship , Pakistan batting order is till 8th number, more over according to Iranian myth any thing happens simultaneously twice, happens third time too , so Pakistan won here twice in Mohali , lets see what happens 3rd time.

  35. pakistan have never won against india in the world cup and they lost even in T20 and Asia Cup…. So it is obvious India will njoy the victory.

  36. By the grace of God, the secular India will win. Lord is mightier than your predictions. This is a crusade against terrorism and the country full of terrorists is certainly going to fall.

  37. HEELLL NOO. India will win this match for SURE. nd INDIA u HAVE to WIN. PLEASE and best of luck. Dhoni your the BEST captain. and GUYS Keep this in mind. WE HAVE TO WIN and make everyone proud. INDIA WILL WIN THE WORLDCUP 2011. :) <3

  38. INSHALLAH PAKISTAN will win dis semi final n world doubt about it,keep praying 4 our victory,i am requesting to All MUSLIMS. PAKISTAN ZINDA BAD

  39. IN SHAA ALLAH 30th march is Pakistan day n that day Pakistan 11 crush Indian 11 n qualify for final coz thiz is our World cup IN SHAA ALLAH…

  40. Well! I am from Pakistan, My Thinking says “The team perform as a team will win this match” because performance under pressure really a tough job and 50 overs game take many chances to captures opposition, Lets see what happen :-) My Prayers with Pakistan INSHALLAH PAKISTAN WIN THIS CONTEST AMEEN

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