ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Match Schedule – Fixtures

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 match schedule

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A: Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada, Kenya
B: India, South Africa, England, West Indies, Bangladesh, Ireland, Netherlands
World Cup Cricket Matches Schedule:
Saturday 19 Feb –                          Bangladesh v India, Dhaka
Sunday 20 Feb –                             New Zealand v Kenya, Chennai
Sunday 20 Feb –                             Sri Lanka v Canada, Hambantota
Monday 21 Feb –                           Australia v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Tuesday 22 Feb –                           England v Netherlands, Nagpur
Wednesday 23 Feb –                    Pakistan v Kenya, Hambantota
Thursday 24 Feb –                        South Africa v West Indies, New Delhi
Friday 25 Feb –                             Australia v New Zealand, Nagpur
Friday 25 Feb –                             Bangladesh v Ireland, Dhaka
Saturday 26 Feb –                        Sri Lanka v Pakistan, Colombo
Sunday 27 Feb –                          India v England, Kolkata
Monday 28 Feb –                         West Indies v Netherlands, New Delhi
Monday 28 Feb –                        Zimbabwe v Canada, Nagpur
Tuesday 1 Mar –                          Sri Lanka v Kenya, Colombo
Wednesday 2 Mar –                   England v Ireland, Bangalore
Thursday 3 Mar –                       South Africa v Netherlands, Mohali
Thursday 3 Mar –                        Pakistan v Canada, Colombo
Friday 4 Mar –                             New Zealand v Zimbabwe, Ahmedabad
Friday 4 Mar –                             Bangladesh v West Indies, Dhaka
Saturday 5 Mar –                        Sri Lanka v Australia, Colombo
Sunday 6 Mar –                           India v Ireland, Bangalore
Sunday 6 Mar –                           England v South Africa, Chennai
Monday 7 Mar –                        Kenya v Canada, New Delhi
Tuesday 8 Mar –                         Pakistan v New Zealand, Pallekele
Wednesday 9 Mar –                  India v Netherlands, New Delhi
Thursday 10 Mar –                   Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
Friday 11 Mar –                         West Indies v Ireland, Mohali
Friday 11 Mar –                         Bangladesh v England, Chittagong
Saturday 12 Mar –                    India v South Africa, Nagpur
Sunday 13 Mar –                       New Zealand v Canada, Mumbai
Sunday 13 Mar –                       Australia v Kenya, Bangalore
Monday 14 Mar –                     Pakistan v Zimbabwe, Pallekele
Monday 14 Mar –                     Bangladesh v Netherlands, Chittagong
Tuesday 15 Mar –                    South Africa v Ireland, Kolkata
Wednesday 16 Mar –             Australia v Canada, Bangalore
Thursday 17 Mar –                  England v West Indies, Chennai
Friday 18 Mar –                        Sri Lanka v New Zealand, Mumbai
Friday 18 Mar –                       Ireland v Netherlands, Kolkata
Saturday 19 Mar –                 Australia v Pakistan, Colombo
Saturday 19 Mar –                  Bangladesh v South Africa, Dhaka
Sunday 20 Mar –                     Zimbabwe v Kenya, Kolkata
Sunday 20 Mar –                    India v West Indies, Chennai



ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Schedule of Finals:
Wednesday 23 Mar –           First quarter-final, Dhaka
Thursday 24 Mar –          Second quarter-final, Colombo
Friday 25 Mar –               Third quarter-final, Dhaka
Saturday 26 Mar –          Fourth quarter-final, Ahmedabad
Tuesday 29 Mar –           First semi-final, Colombo
Wednesday 30 Mar –    Second semi-final, Mohali
Saturday 2 April –    Final, Mumbai

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  1. Haroon ur Rashid Shah says:

    to day inshallah pak will win the toss and will deceid to bat first hop will give target more then 250. and WI will reach to 200 only. i hop pakistan will win this match easilly inshallah.
    pray for our team… haroon.rashid_sapac@yahoo.com.

  2. mehak says:

    india is not lucky pakistan is lucky

  3. saif alam says:

    i ask u pray that pakistan would bring this world cup

  4. alpy anil says:

    very happy about netherlad teams in future they a become a super team

  5. Aman Ullah says:

    Pakistan Is Lucky

  6. Anonymous says:

    India is lucky

  7. pakfan says:

    ya…pak will win this wc no doubt now that they have beaten aussies..they are confident now..but big guns needs to fire for pakistan now in knock outs every match is imp..i m very hopefull from shahid afridi..big fan of him..he is a big game match winner like adam gilchrist…if he fires definitely pak will win WC….Gud luck to pak team…

  8. mehak says:

    pakistan is the best

  9. mehak says:

    pakistan he world cup lekar aaye ga

  10. mehak says:

    pakistan he world cup lekar aaye ga i m very doughtful and i m very proudful to pakistan

  11. mehak says:

    i m really very happy for pakistan

  12. AZIZ says:


    • aallii says:

      aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa badla lay lia australia say yessssssssssssssssssss

    • aallii says:

      yesssssssssssssssssss offfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee aziz

  13. pankaj says:

    I really very sad for shri lanka lost the match

  14. kamranghani says:

    I am really happy to see the updates on this post. thanks

  15. arunjeet singh says:

    All people very very happy.

  16. arunjeet singh says:

    I m very happy.comeing soon world cup.

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