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Watch India vs South Africa Highlights 12th March 2011 Cricket World Cup

Watch Highlights of India  vs South Africa match on March 12, 2011 at Nagpur in ICC World cup Cricket 2011. India  vs South Africa OFI Highlights of Cricket World Cup 2011 on 12-3-2011 (12/3/2011) at Nagpur Cricket Ground India. World Cup 2011 Highlights India  vs South Africa on ESPN Star Cricket, Geo Super, and Ten cricket . Ind v SA highlights videos from youtube & dailymotion with respecting copyrights with Watch India vs SA Highlights &  match results / match summary / Full Score Card / Score updates / Post match ceremony / Award Distribution Ceremony including Partnerships, Man of the Match and all other updates.
India vs South Africa Highlights
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WICKET! India 296 all out (Patel b Steyn 0) Sensational bowling from Dale Steyn. He gets Patel first ball with a sizzling yorker, and that gives him a memorable five-for. Steyn had nought for 32 after four overs, and he ended with figures of 9.4-0-50-5. Brilliant stuff. As well as Steyn bowled, that was an astonishing collapse from India, who reached 267 for one and then lost their last nine wickets for 29. Talk about a two-faced innings. South Africa need 297 to win. It’ll be tricky, because the pitch is turning, but they would have taken that and then some when Sehwag and Tendulkar were thrashing them all round the park earlier in the day. I’m going to take a break, so Sean Ingle will talk you through the first part of South Africa’s innings. Drop him a line on

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WICKET! India 296-9 (Nehra c Smith b Steyn 0) This is ridiculous. Nehra drives straight to short extra cover, and the collapse is now eight wickets for 29 runs.

48th over: India 295-8 (Dhoni 11, Nehra 0) India’s scorecard looks ridiculous, as scorecards tend to when you collapse from 267 for one to 295 for eight. In fact, it’s very similar to England’s first innings at Headingley in 1992.

WICKET! India 294-8 (Zaheer Khan c Morkel b Peterson 0) This is now a collapse of epic proportions. Zaheer holes out to wide long off, where Morkel takes a good sliding catch, and India have lost seven wickets for 27.

47th over: India 293-7 (Dhoni 9, Zaheer 0) Steyn’s first four overs disappeared for 34; since then, however, he has been awesome, with figures of 5-0-15-3 in three separate spells. He is a champion, a true great.

WICKET! India 293-7 (Harbhajan b Steyn 3) Majestic fast bowling from Dale Steyn, who cleans Harbhajan up with a beautiful inswinging yorker.

46th over: India 292-6 (Dhoni 8, Harbhajan 3) What a jaffa that is from Peterson, drifting onto middle stump before spitting past Dhoni’s outside edge. Harbhajan will have enjoyed that. Four singles from the over. “So, Rob,” says Arron Wright. “Given that it’s all but inevitable that Tendulkar will make his 100th international hundred this year, and he’s playing in a World Cup that his side could win, and he tours England later this summer in what might be the best series played here since you-know-when do you think the BBC might see fit to give him the overseas sports personality award? I raised this on the blog during England v India – am pessimistic seeing as a cricketer has only ever won it three times (and Sobers’ award was shared!), as against 14 awards for tennis players (yet Borg was overlooked in 1980!). Will stop there before showing my irritation with the general decline of the BBC Sports Personality award and BBC TV sport in general. SRT is far too good for them.” He won’t win it. They’d rather give to a Portuguese fourth division footballer than a cricketer.

45th over: India 288-6 (Dhoni 6, Harbhajan 1) Two singles from Kallis’s over. India will do well to reach 325 now. “For South Africa to do their choking thing they need to have a chance of winning,” says Ian Copestake. “India are aware of this; hence the struggle to reach 300.”

44th over: India 286-6 (Dhoni 5, Harbhajan 0) India were 267 for one at one stage. And then Tendulkar get out. IT’S ALL HIS FAULT DROP HIM HE’S A DISGRACE. “I wonder if any team will listen to Duncan Fletcher’s excellent analysis/tactics of approaching the Batting Powerplays,” says Rory Alexander. “He wants the batsmen to play normally for that duration i.e forget boundaries, and not lose wickets. The result is that the opposition captain is forced to use up his best bowlers, leaving lesser bowlers for the slog to the finish. India’s approach today would vindicate Mr Fletcher.”

WICKET! India 286-6 (Kohli ct and b Petersen 1) India are making a rare old mess of this. Kohli scuffs the ball back to the bowler Robin Petersen, and he takes a nice low catch.

43rd over: India 283-5 (Dhoni 3, Kohli 0) Robin Petersen is back
“I’m in the Old Brewery down by the river at Greenwich, enjoying a pint of pale ale and free wifi, while the sun shines and the kids are doing improving things like visiting museums and playing in the park,” says Gary Naylor. “I usually envy you watching the cricket, but today I don’t. Smug factor 9 I suppose.” Sounds lovely, and it’s gorgeous outside. Mind you I’ve just discovered this, so I think I know who’s winning.

WICKET! India 283-5 (Yuvraj c Botha b Kallis 12) This is almost a carbon copy of India’s innings against England. Yuvraj clubs a slower, low full toss from Kallis to long on, where Botha takes a well judged catch. That’s the end of the batting Powerplay, and it has played a blinder for South Africa: five overs, 30 runs, four wickets.

42nd over: India 279-4 (Yuvraj Singh 10, Dhoni 1) “Was it Bull who suggested there was something rotten in the England set-up?” says Ian Copestake. “I read on but couldn’t find anything deep seated or suspicious, unless Prior suddenly gets called away to return to England to have an operation on his psyche.”

REVIEW! India 276-4 (Yuvraj LBW b Botha 7) Hello! Johan Botha comes on, tosses up his first delivery, and watches Yuvraj smear it back whence it came for a mighty six. He then falls over a superb quicker yorker, prompting a huge LBW appeal. It’s turned down by Ian Gould, but South Africa go for the review. I reckon this will be hitting leg, but will it be hitting enough to overturn the decision. Ah, it doesn’t matter because there was a huge inside edge, so Yuvraj continues. In fact it wasn’t the inside edge; he middled it. New glasses please!

41st over: India 270-4 (Yuvraj Singh 1, Dhoni 1) India were 140 for none after 17 overs. Since then South Africa have done excellently and have a decent chance now. How good is Dale Steyn? He was pummelled earlier today, absolutely slaughtered, but he never lets his head drop and always comes back for more. “I for one am in bed with booze head, and you are to blame!” chirps Declan Johnston. “Coming home from work yesterday I was thinking of yesterday’s riff, when I realised what I was absolutely terrified of approaching – the Moscow Metro. If you’re ticket doesn’t swipe properly, two Soviet industrial strength iron bars come shooting out, catching you square around the knees and reducing you to a crippled ball of hopeless foreigner as a sort of electronic ‘Game Over’ jingle starts playing over the intercom before an old lady waddles over and starts whistling at you to rise out of your foetal position and do some explaining. So I went and got liquered up instead.”

WICKET! India 268-4 (Y Pathan c Smith b Steyn 0) Yusuf Pathan has gone for a duck, and that’s three wickets in six balls! He slapped Steyn towards cover, where Smith took a good leaping catch on the edge of the circle.

WICKET! India 268-3 (Gambhir c Kallis b Steyn 69) The batting Powerplay is working its dubious magic again. This is the second wicket in four balls. Gambhir makes room outside leg stump, Steyn follows him, and Gambhir screws a drive to mid off, where Kallis lumbers round to take a good tumbling catch.

40th over: India 268-2 (Gambhir 69, Y Pathan 0) Yusuf Pathan has been promoted up the order to do some damage during the Powerplay. Earlier in the over Gambhir hit Morkel for consecutive boundaries, a cut and then a huge pick up over square leg. “Millings!!!!” says Phil Withall. “Damn him. Damn Mac Millings. I knew this would happen one day. If he talks I’m taking him and his nasty little racket down with me. Be warned.” His ‘nasty little racket’ of what, losers? I love the idea of a scaremongering headline. BAN THIS SICK PRODUCTION LINE OF SOCIALLY INEPT ENGLISH MALES.

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