Ajantha Mendis 6 Wickets T20 World Record Video Highlights Sri vs Aus 2nd T20 2011

Ajantha Mendis Bowling HIGHLIGHTS against Australia in 2nd T20 8-8-2011

Watch Mendis bowling Highlights against Australia in second t20i match on August 8, 2011 at Pallekele. Watch Video Highlights of Ajantha Mendis bowling in 2nd T20I against Australia on 8-8-2011. Watch Mendis bowling highlights in 2nd t20 against Aussies at Pallekele. Ajantha Mendis becomes the first bowler to take SIX Wickets in a T20I innings. Mendis turned up with record figures of 4-1-16-6.

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Mendis Bowling Commentary against Australia in 2nd T20I on August 8,2011 at Pallekele

5.1BAW Mendis to Warner, 1 run, short on the pads, and Warner hands it over to Watson with a single to leg
5.2BAW Mendis to Watson, no run, flat and quick, Watson opens the face on it, can’t beat short third man
5.3BAW Mendis to Watson, SIX, the googly from Mendis. Doesn’t matter to Watson. He sees the flight, opens up the front leg, and slogs it over long-on. Just over, might I add
5.4BAW Mendis to Watson, no run, quicker, flatter again, and hit straight to extra cover
5.5BAW Mendis to Watson, OUT, the slog sweep gets Watson after five sixes… this I suspect is the carrom ball that leaves Watson, and takes the top edge as he goes for his sixth six. Thisara Perera takes the catch at long-off
SR Watson c NLTC Perera b BAW Mendis 57 (24b 6×4 5×6) SR: 237.50
5.6BAW Mendis to Warner, 1 run, another carom ball, gets the inside edge from Warner, but he manages the single to short fine
Australia 72/1   BAW Mendis 1-0-8-1
7.1BAW Mendis to Warner, OUT, My word. We need a new scoring entry for this. Caught Jayawardene b Mendis simply won’t do! Sit down and hear this out. Warner slog-sweeps this, Mathews takes the catch at the edge of midwicket boundary, but just as he is about to run over the fence with his momentum, he throws the ball back in – both his feet in the air. The closest fielder is 30 metres from him, but he has lobbed it back that far! Australia can’t believe it. The replays aren’t lying. Top presence of mind from Mathews and Mahela. Relayed Mathews c Jayawardene b Mendis!
DA Warner c Jayawardene b BAW Mendis 16 (18b 2×4 0×6) SR: 88.88
7.2BAW Mendis to Marsh, no run, huge huge shout, wonder why this is not given… carrom ball, pitches leg, turning in, missing leg. Top decision under pressure
7.3BAW Mendis to Marsh, no run, another carrom ball, quick and fast, pushed back to Mendis
7.4BAW Mendis to Marsh, OUT, Marsh couldn’t read Mendis if he wrote it in all caps… this is the fllghted googly, Marsh is sucked out of the crease, is beaten in the flight, plays for the legbreak, is beaten by the turn away from him. Sanga does the rest. Boy, are Sri Lanka back in this one?
SE Marsh st †Sangakkara b BAW Mendis 0 (3b 0×4 0×6) SR: 0.00
7.5BAW Mendis to White, no run, whoa, tentative forward defensive shot
7.6BAW Mendis to White, no run, Double-wicket maiden! Carrom ball this time, pushed to extra cover. This over was Sri Lankan cricket at its most beautiful. Innovation after innovation, and they have stormed right back into this match
Australia 73/3   BAW Mendis 2-1-8-3
15.1BAW Mendis to Smith, OUT, Mendis is operating in a language completely alien to the Aussies. There is this massive panic that is overcoming them at the sight of Mendis. Smith has been playing good orthodox cricket until now, but he makes room here, and this carrom ball goes straight on as opposed to turning away. Smith’s bat is outside the line, the middle stumps is out of ground, and Kandy is on its feet
SPD Smith b BAW Mendis 12 (19b 1×4 0×6) SR: 63.15
15.2BAW Mendis to Haddin, OUT, Whoa! Five six, pick up the sticks! Australia are not reading him at all. Increase the font size, Ajantha. This is the googly, well flighted, Hadding plays for the leg break, this pitches well outside off, and takes the top of off. Five wickets in 14 balls! First five-for for SL in T20Is
BJ Haddin b BAW Mendis 0 (1b 0×4 0×6) SR: 0.00
15.3BAW Mendis to Johnson, 2 runs, bowls the carrom ball on the pads, turned past the forward short leg for two
15.4BAW Mendis to Johnson, no run, the floated across the left-hander, pushed to cover
15.5BAW Mendis to Johnson, no run, the flighted googly, beats Johnson, what a top over
15.6BAW Mendis to Johnson, 1 run, googly again, but too short, and pulled powerfully to deep midwicket – three runs and two wickets off the over
Australia 116/6   BAW Mendis 3-1-11-5
17.1BAW Mendis to Johnson, 4 byes, That’s a valuable shot for four byes! Johnson looks for the reverse-lap, blind-sighting Sangakkara, the ball beats both the batsman and the keeper. this would have been a wide had Johnson not tried the reverse shot
17.2BAW Mendis to Johnson, 2 runs, the googly, which Johnson reads and cuts this towards sweeper-cover. Chandimal over-runs it initially, but makes a desperate dive to prevent this boundary
17.3BAW Mendis to Johnson, OUT, Six and out! Mendis becomes the first bowler to take six wickets in a T20I innings. Carrom ball this time, short and asking to be pulled, Johnson tries the shot, but this one deviates just a little to beat the bat, and hit the stumps
MG Johnson b BAW Mendis 7 (11b 0×4 0×6) SR: 63.63
17.4BAW Mendis to O’Keefe, 1 run, the googly, O’Keefe goes deep into the crease and pushes this down to long-on
17.5BAW Mendis to White, 1 run, OUT, the carrom ball, White comes down the crease, pushes this towards long-on with soft hands, always wants the second, and comes for it. Jayawardene chases from midwicket, puts the slide in, the throw is right beside the stumps, and O’Keefe’s dive ends inches short. This is top stuff from Sri Lanka
SNJ O’Keefe run out 1 (1b 0×4 0×6) SR: 100.00
17.6BAW Mendis to White, 1 run, carrom ball again, worked away off the pads for a single. White keeps strike, but what about Mendis? 4-1-16-6, including a double-wicket maiden! best figures in T20Is
Australia 132/8   BAW Mendis 4-1-16-6

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